Mother upset over adult news rack near bus stop

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Mother upset over adult news rack near bus stop

CREATED Aug. 28, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A Valley mother is angry about her son's bus stop. It's not the location, but what he has to look at, that has the mom so upset.

The issue: A news rack containing adult advertisements at the intersection of East Craig Road and North Aviation Street. That also happens to be a new bus stop for Sara Pelayo's son.
"The doors open right where the boxes are," said Pelayo.
Pelayo's son is 12. The bus stop is new for this school year. Pelayo said she knew something was up when her 7th grader came home with some unusual questions.
"I said, 'Where are you learning this? Are they teaching you this at school?' He said, 'No, there are boxes at the bus stop where you can get free magazines and get pictures.'"
The box is roughly 20 feet away from the intersection and the materials inside containing adult ads are free, so anyone can open the door.
So how did this happen?
The Clark County School District added the stop this year to handle extra students, said district spokeswoman Melinda Malone. The district said safety is a top priority when choosing a location. Malone said the district can't control the placement of the boxes and with traffic, moving the bus stop across the street or down the road could be dangerous for kids.
Action News also tracked down the owner of the box, Hillsboro Entertainment. The company said it works with Clark County on the placement of the boxes. The company said it will check out the intersection in response to the complaint.
Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said the county is also expected to stop by the intersection and could ask that the box is moved. Kulin noted that bus stops can change from year-to-year. It's possible the box's owner did not know that a bus stop was recently added to the intersection.
Pelayo said she's not opposed to sex education and respects free speech.
"These are little kids and you also need to respect us as parents," said Pelayo.