Customers search for answers from empty bridal boutique

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Customers search for answers from empty bridal boutique

CREATED Sep. 17, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Many brides try to wear something old, new, borrowed and blue. But you won't find any of that at a valley consignment store after it suddenly emptied out.

Marisa Endy Vanchieri said she spent years looking for the man to marry. Now, she's looking for the dress she wore on that special day.
"Oh I loved it," said Marisa. "Very comfortable but elegant. I still felt like a beautiful bride."
Marisa said she signed a contract with Encore Bridal Boutique last September. She hoped the consignment store, on Spring Mountain Road near Arville Street, could sell the dress for about $650. But when Marisa showed up at the store over the weekend all of the gowns were gone.
"It was a mixture of shock," said Marisa.
Marisa's contract said if the dress doesn't sell within six months, and she doesn't pick it up within 15 days of that end date, the dress belongs to the store. Marisa said she offered to pick up the dress this summer. She showed Action News an email she got from the owner on June 29, 2013, asking for a "couple months to sell the dresses."
"I've been trying to contact the business owner for months now and in the beginning, had some correspondence, and in the last month, no correspondence," said Marisa. 
Tim Hurlbut said he took two dozen dresses to the bridal boutique last October. He provided Action News with an inventory of items that he estimates is worth thousands of dollars. But his six month contract also expired. Tim was hoping to talk to the owner to get the gowns back.
"I'm not getting an answer. I'm not getting anything," said Tim. "That's probably even one of those most frustrating things, just not knowing what's going on."
Action News spent two days trying to track down the owner to get their side of the story but had no luck. Emails to the business bounce back. The business phone doesn't accept voicemails and we couldn't find any other addresses. Even the property manager said she hasn't been able to reach the owner.
"Where is everything? What happened?" Tim asked.
Marisa said she's filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB closed one complaint against the company within in the last year, according to the BBB's website.
Both Tim and Marisa said they just want answers.
"You just kind of cross your fingers," Marisa said. "Maybe somebody will have a lead and if not, you can just rely on good karma and time will tell."