Wet 'n' Wild opening brings parking headaches

Don Guevara

Wet 'n' Wild opening brings parking headaches

CREATED May. 28, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The new Wet 'n' Wild water park is so popular, the property owners are having trouble accommodating all their customers.

The parking lot filled up early again Tuesday after a jam-packed opening weekend.

This forced many guests to park off-property in a dirt lot and walk through sharp rocks. There is no sidewalk for this option and it left several families feeling unsafe.

The park hired off-duty Metro police officers to patrol the intersections with no traffic signals.

Clark County officials said they will conduct a study to see if lights are needed near the park's entrance.

Wet 'n' Wild said they will refund any season pass holders that are not satisfied with their experience. They said in addition to the front parking lot, they also have one in the back.

If you have concerns after visiting Wet 'n' Wild, send an email to 13Investigates@ktnv.com.