Restaurant demolished after years as a neighborhood eyesore

Michael Lopardi

Restaurant demolished after years as a neighborhood eyesore

CREATED Apr. 23, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Demolition is on the menu for a former Pizza Hut restaurant that some neighbors called an eyesore.

Other than the fence, there isn't much left on the lot at 884 North Nellis Boulevard near East Bonanza Road. But flashback two years ago when Action News first visited the site: Windows were broken, holes were in the ceiling. Neighbors complained about trash and graffiti.

"This is like a blinking icon," said Mark Propsner in February, 2011. "And you don't even notice the other businesses here."

That's no longer an issue because the building is now gone. Clark County said the structure caught fire at least once before it was demolished in August, 2012.

"I would rather have a vacant lot that's fenced off," said Propsner. "It was a hazard. It was a fire hazard. Somebody could've got hurt in there."

Action News caught up with Propsner two years after the first interview to get his take on the changes.

"It really didn't help encourage any further development in this area when you have businesses like this who are just left abandoned," said Propsner.

People who live and work nearby said they are happy to see the lot cleared.

"I think it's better than having a vacant building so people can't graffiti on it or go inside of it," said Cody Jenkins.

Clark County said the property has a history of complaints about trash and graffiti. But the owners were never fined because they took care of the issues when they were notified, said county spokesman Dan Kulin.

Records from the county assessor's office show executives of Marlu Investment Group of Sacramento, Calif., own the property. The county required the owners to board up and fence off the property, but did not make them demolish it, Kulin said.

"Maybe somebody could actually do something with this lot now," said Propsner.

In our previous story from Feb. 2011, the owner told us in a statement they hoped to lease the building or the land for use by a bank or retailer. Action News reached out to Marlu twice this week but were told the owner is out of town. We will pass along any future plans for this property as soon as we hear from them.