Neighbors demand changes at downtown intersection

Michael Lopardi

Neighbors demand changes at downtown intersection

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Apr 19, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Neighbors believe it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt at a downtown Las Vegas intersection and they want to know what it will take to get safety changes.

"Everybody gets confused at this intersection," said Pat Snead, who works near the intersection of Gass Avenue and South 4th Street.

Snead drives through the area frequently to get to work. Here's her issue: traffic heading east and west on Gass has a stop sign at the intersection but drivers heading north on 4th Street do not have to stop. The difference has led to some head scratching and potentially dangerous moments for drivers.

Action News captured some drivers on Gass who ventured into the intersection apparently expecting drivers on 4th to stop. In other cases, drivers on 4th stopped even though they did not have to brake. Snead believes traffic on 4th Street should have to stop at the intersection, either through a stop sign or traffic signal.

"It makes me nervous when I'm upstairs working and I hear a crash," said Snead. "The first thing that comes to mind is: somebody got hurt."

Neighbors said they have seen their share of close calls.

"You'll see cars fly right through the intersection without breaking or pausing at all," said neighbor Owen Pillion. "Then you have the traffic going this way. They don't have a stop sign so it's an accident waiting to happen."

People we spoke with said the intersection can be confusing for drivers.

"People do come up to the intersection and kind of hesitate, so there is some confusion about it," said Pillion.

Action News took the concerns to the city of Las Vegas. The city conducted several traffic studies at the intersection years ago but found changes to traffic control were not warranted, said city spokesman Jace Radke. Traffic volume at the intersection has likely decreased since city offices moved out of a building along the northeast corner, Radke said. Still, the city is willing to hear any traffic concerns from drivers, he said.

"Do something about this intersection," said Snead.

Action News also reached out to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police for crash data at this intersection though officers are still working on the numbers. The city said it is willing to consider changes, if warranted by a traffic study. Action News put in a request for a new traffic study on Friday.

Michael Lopardi

Michael Lopardi

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