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Dirty pool prompts health concerns from apartment residents

Michael Lopardi

Dirty pool prompts health concerns from apartment residents

CREATED Apr. 5, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Dirt, bottles and garbage are all fine in a trashcan. Not a swimming pool. Residents of an apartment complex near downtown want to know what it will take to get their pool cleaned.
"It's a health hazard," said renter Raymond Brown. "There's a lot of mosquitoes around. It's just a health hazard."
The pool is closed for the season; but even if it was open, people living in Las Residencias off East Charleston Boulevard near Fremont said they wouldn't swim in it anyway. The pool is filled with debris and a brown substance layers the top of the water.
Brown said the water has looked like this for nearly two months. The renter said he complained to the complex manager but didn't get anywhere. That's when he emailed Action News.
"This is bad," said resident Monica Pratt. "When you walk out of your house, this is the first thing you see is this nasty pool."
So how did things get like this in the first place? Action News stopped in the on-site manager's office for answers.
The manager did not want to go on-camera. When Action News asked what was being done to clean up the pool, the manager responded, "It's been drained right now." He told Action News to call the corporate offices for The Siegel Group, the property manager, so we did.
Crews are in the process of draining the pool, said Mike Tisdale, vice president of operations for Siegel. Hoses can be seen running from the pool. The company said it removed some pool equipment as part of plans to renovate the pool; however, that allowed the water to sit and the dirt to build. Tisdale said crews are working on a clean up, including an acid wash, and should be finished in the next few days. Tisdale said Action News is welcome to return to the property to see the work when finished.
"I just want them to come fix this. Clean it up," said Pratt.
The Southern Nevada Health District received a complaint about the pool on Wednesday and an inspector arrived to take a look on Friday, said agency spokeswoman Jennifer Sizemore. She noted crews are currently draining the pool.
Tisdale said he hopes the pool is cleaned up by next week.