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Dirty Dining: Nanay Gloria's Filipino Buffet

Darcy Spears


Dirty Dining: Nanay Gloria's Filipino Buffet

CREATED Jul. 10, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- A local buffet restaurant has landed on Dirty Dining for the second time. They were trying to keep their bad grade hidden from the public, until Contact 13 showed up.

When inspectors went to Nanay Gloria's Filipino Buffet on South Eastern in Henderson, they found problems.

For starters, there was no designated person in charge. And the person they spoke to was unable to answer questions about food safety.

Nanay Gloria's Maryland Parkway location was temporarily closed by health inspectors in June, 2010, when Action News first featured them on Dirty Dining.

The recent inspection at their Henderson location earned them a 39-demerit C grade and their current spot at the top of the Dirty Dining list.

Inspectors wrote up improper hand-washing. They found a meat and vegetable dish that wasn't properly cooled and had to be thrown away.

"There were vegetables being prepared in the dirty three-compartment sink.  What was going on with that?" asked Chief Investigator Darcy Spears.

"Uh, right now I fix it.  It's fine right now," said employee Kenneth.

There was also chicken being improperly thawed in the prep sink. Raw beef was stored over cooked beef. And under-cooked eggs were being served without a warning to customers.

When it came time to ask about their grade, the person in charge changed.

Darcy: That grade card right there, that's supposed to be your C from the Health District.  It's not supposed to be covered by a business license.  Do you know who did that?
Kae Enriquez: It's our boss.
Darcy: The boss covered it up?
Kae: Yeah.
Darcy: You know it has to be visible to the public.  They have to know what grade a restaurant has.
Kae: I know.

She decides to uncover it while Action News watches.

Nanay Gloria's has not scheduled their re-inspection yet. 

And here's something we don't always report: There are a lot of restaurants out there doing the right thing. 

Of all the inspections between June 25 and July 1, only 13 places were downgraded. 

There were 187 inspections that resulted in zero demerits.