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Dirty Dining: Thai Pepper Too

Darcy Spears

Dirty Dining: Thai Pepper Too

CREATED May. 22, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Repeat violations for spoiled food cause health inspectors to shut down a Thai restaurant on Paradise Road.

And as Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears reports, the restaurant owner doesn't want to talk about it.

The bells on the door signal our arrival at Thai Pepper Too on Paradise and Sahara. A place that keeps running afoul of health inspectors.

"We're here because you guys are on Dirty Dining this week from getting shut down by the Health District," said Darcy Spears.

Thirty-six demerits was all it took to close Thai Pepper Too.

It usually takes 41 or more, but inspectors couldn't allow the place to stay open after they found them ready to serve "putrescent" lettuce. The term means rotten and stinking... And that was a repeat violation.

We talked to the restaurant owner on the phone.

Darcy: So you don't think there's anything to talk about in terms of the repeat violations that got you shut down?

Storing knives with hardened food debris on them is another repeat violation.

So is an unsealed back door, which they've been told to fix several times to prevent pests from getting in.

Inspectors found bags of ground beef had been thawed and re-frozen -- compromising the quality and making it unsafe.

Milk and half and half were in the temperature danger zone.

And thermometers were stored in some sad-looking shrimp and mottled red and brown meat.

Inspectors also saw pad Thai noodles leftover from the day before had been improperly cooled in plastic bags.

But that's not all... Wiping cloths were being used to cover and sit under food when they should have been used to clean the sticky residue inspectors found on lids and handles throughout the facility.

And dirty is an understatement for this floor, which also had chipped and broken tiles.

Thai Pepper Too's owner eventually showed up at the restaurant.

Owner: I need to speak to my lawyer and my food safety consultant before I can give any more comment about anything.
Darcy: Do you not want to say anything general just about the fact that they kept coming back saying they were seeing the same thing over and over?
Owner: No.  No.

Thai Pepper Too was ordered to work with a food safety consultant to resolve their issues and control the risk of food-borne illness. 

They were shut down for eight days before getting re-inspected and re-opening with a 9-demerit "A" grade.