Dirty Dining: Thai Original BBQ

Daniel Gutierrez

Dirty Dining: Thai Original BBQ

CREATED Aug. 22, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's a repeat offender in tonight's dirty dining report. A long list of violations forced the restaurant to shut its doors for a second time this year.

Eggs, garlic oil, shrimp, beef, several chicken dishes and even raw chicken all found at the wrong temperatures according to the Southern Nevada Health District, which describes it as a critical violation. After visiting Thai Original BBQ on 3rd Street, just off Las Vegas Boulevard, health inspectors slapped it with 45 demerits, closing it down. Anything more than 40 demerits is an automatic closure. And this comes just 6 months after the restaurant was shut down in February with 63 demerits.

During this recent inspection, a leak was found in one of the kitchen refrigerators and dripping onto food. Inspectors also found animal blood spilled and frozen in the freezer.

And none of the food in the freezer was properly labeled. In addition, a floor sink was backed up and overflowing with murky water. The ice machine had a pink mold-like substance and employees were improperly washing their hands.

Contact 13 stopped by the restaurant, but it was still closed for business. We got a hold of manager, Andrew Kaokept by telephone.

He didn't want to go on camera but said that the inspector showed up right after the lunch rush and that's why the kitchen was so messy. He also said that equipment issues like the leaking refrigerator have been fixed and they're addressing other problems.

The manager also said he wants customers to know that no one has ever gotten sick at Thai Original BBQ and the restaurant is safe and clean.

The Health District tells us a reinspection has not been scheduled yet for Thai Original BBQ. So for now, it remains closed.