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Dirty Dining: Mandarin Express

Daniel Gutierrez

Dirty Dining: Mandarin Express

CREATED Aug. 15, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Temperature, temperature, temperature. It's key to running a safe restaurant. But health inspectors say one valley business missed the mark again and again. Contact 13's Tricia Kean has more in tonight's Dirty Dining report.

Chicken, rice and shrimp chow mein were all found at the wrong temperatures along with beef and wontons. It's an issue the Southern Nevada Health District says could be hazardous to the public's health. That's why Mandarin Express on South Jones and Robindale was slapped with a 31 demerit C grade during a recent inspection.

But food wasn't the only thing at the wrong temperature. The inspector found only cold water coming from the sink. That means the staff wasn't able to properly wash dishes or their hands. It turns out the water heater's pilot light was out.

Other issues included food improperly thawing; uncovered trays of food double stacked in the freezer; dirty utensils stored in a dirty container; and black water sitting in a mop bucket. Inspectors actually noted on the health report that the walls, ceiling and vents were all in need of cleaning.

Darcy Spears stopped by Mandarin Express to ask about the violations. An employee didn't want to say much. And we were told there was no owner or manager available to speak with.

Mandarin Express did say they were scheduled for a re-inspection on Wednesday. The Southern Nevada Health District confirms the restaurant was re-inspected and is now operating with a 2 demerit A grade.