Local woman says do your homework before spending money

Daniel Gutierrez

Local woman says do your homework before spending money

CREATED Jul. 30, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Sites like Facebook and Twitter help us stay updated on the latest with friends and family. But social media can also be a powerful resource when it comes to picking a business.

Yelp, Epinions, the Better Business Bureau, just some of the sites where you can read reviews on thousands of products and businesses. Chauntelle Rocco said it pays to take a couple extra minutes, "Do your homework. Make sure it's a reputable company."
It's a lesson she learned the hard way, after a bad experience with Legend Cleaners.
"They're just a neighborhood dry cleaner. So they were right down the street. So I really selected them based on convenience," said Chauntelle.
She was anything but satisfied with their performance, when she went there back in March with a duvet cover she said was brand new.
"I realized that there were all of these black and green stains all over my white silk duvet cover. I was frustrated, I was upset, I didn't know what I should do," said Chauntelle.
She believes they ruined her duvet, which she claims was spotless when she brought it in just to have the creases steamed out. Legend Cleaners tried two more times, but couldn't remove the stains.
With $26 down the drain, Chauntelle emailed Contact 13. We reached out to Legend, who told us those stains were on the duvet when she brought it in.
"It looks like it was asphalt. You take it out of the car, you just rub it against your car, that's all it takes and that's one of the stains we have a really hard time with," said Jae Yu, co-owner of Legend Cleaners.
It's an issue she probably could have avoided, if she'd just gone online. A quick search of the BBB's website shows Legend Cleaners has an F rating. If you scroll down here, it shows 5 complaints in the last three years involving their service.
"I can't really say anything about the Better Business Bureau. We tried, we tried, we can't make everybody happy," said Jae.
Chauntelle admits she would have gone somewhere else had she known. In the end, she took her duvet to Lakes Cleaners and Laundry, which has an A+ rating with the BBB. And she was thrilled to see, it wasn't too much dirty work for them. They were able to get the stains out.
"A great job, really helping me out with the duvet I thought was permanently ruined from the last dry cleaning experience," said Chauntelle.
Chalk it up to a lesson learned.
"You can't just go somewhere and expect it's going to be great service based on location and convenience. So doing homework on any kind of company is a good idea," said Chauntelle.
So here's the Contact 13 bottom line: Use the Internet to your advantage, but don't forget to also ask friends and family for their advice. If there's a contract involved, we can't say it enough, read it before signing on the dotted line.
If you feel a business is doing you wrong, let us know. Send an email to 13investigates@ktnv.com and we'll see what we can do to help.