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Local woman target of scammers

Daniel Gutierrez

Local woman target of scammers

CREATED Apr. 2, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- These days thieves can steal your credit card info in a number of different ways. And sometimes it can also be easy to give out too much of your own information. 

"I knew something was not right," says Judy Levy.
We've all heard of hackers, breaking into accounts and stealing info off your computer or smartphone. And skimming devices on compromised machines can collect your card's info. But some scammers aren't so high tech. In Judy's case, they just called her.
"The phone number they used... 1-800-1 and 10 zeros after it," says Judy.
It was last month when she says the unusual phone number on her caller ID caught her attention. The man on the other end wanted to alert her.
"They said to me, that my credit card from the Bank of America Mastercard, was being tampered with," says Judy.
She actually has a BOA Mastercard, and says at first she panicked. But it's what came next that sent up a red flag.
"They started talking about the credit card and asked me the number. I wasn't going to give him the number," says Judy.
She says she instantly realized something wasn't right and hung up the phone.
Then she called the credit card company and learned there was actually nothing wrong with her account. Judy says her next call was to Action News, so she could warn others.
"Especially seniors that are easily taken in. I think you just need to watch what your doing. And if you have a problem, call Channel 13," says Judy.
So here's the Contact 13 bottom line. The Better Business Bureau says these scammers can be smooth talkers, so don't be fooled just because they may have some partial information.
No company will ever ask you to verify your credit card number over the phone or by email. If you suspect something like Judy did, then just hang up.
One way to avoid some of these calls, is by adding your phone number to the do not call registry. Remember that registration never expires.