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Contact 13 Mailbag

Contact 13 Mailbag

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Mar 22, 2013

Time to reach into our Contact 13 mailbag. You email us questions and we answer them on the air. 

Abera sent us a copy of an email she received that reads: "You have been granted with the sum of $500,000 by Western Union in the 2013 Western Union program.
The email also asks her for personal contact information. Abera thought this was a scam and she's right. Western Union told us it will never send you an email asking for your ID, passwords or other personal information.
And Henry sent us a copy of an email that says: "Contratulations! You are a UK Lottery winner from Prestige Financial Services."
This is a scam we see all the time. Remember, you can't win a lottery you never entered. It's just bait to get you to contact the scammer, who tries to get your personal information. And in many cases, they'll also ask you to wire money as part of a transfer fee. 
The Nevada Fight Fraud Task Force warns you should never wire money to someone you don't know. If you do, you can kiss that money goodbye.
Thanks Abera and Henry for your emails. If you have a consumer question you'd like to have answered in the Contact 13 mailbag, send an email to 13investigates@ktnv.com.