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Skimming on the rise in Nevada

Joyce Lupiani

Skimming on the rise in Nevada

CREATED Dec. 13, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Experts say that "skimming" is on the rise in Nevada.

That is when scammers steal your debit card information using devices attached to gas station pumps.

One of the latest victims says that it all starts with small charges.

Samantha Horning of Northern Nevada is one of many fraud victims. But, she is also a counselor at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northern Nevada and she knows first hand about the rising cases.

She says that there is one thing that you can do to protect your self. Instead of paying at the pump, pay inside the store.

There are some gas station owners out there who check the pumps every day. But, it is still a good idea not to take any chances.