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Children's' Book Festival gets our kids reading

Beth Fisher

Children's' Book Festival gets our kids reading

CREATED Nov. 2, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Vegas Valley Book Festival is underway. But all day Saturday is an event that families love every year, the Children's Book Festival. It makes Las Vegas a better place to live.

Frank Fiorello is one of the authors and illustrators who will be there. Frank says, "I do it because we're able to reach families that come down and show them some of our books. But it's just a nice festival. Nice and quaint downtown. Lots going on for everybody."

Author Doug Ducharme will be there, too, with his granddaughter Marissa. Marissa is featured in his book.  Ducharme says writing a book was part of his therapy after suffering a stroke. "I had a stroke and part of the rehab was writing my thoughts on paper and I thought what better way to express my thoughts than to write about Lexy and Boomer and what better way to tell the story than through my granddaughter Marissa."

Brian Kendall is the Cultural Activities Specialist for the city of Las Vegas. He says, "This event is for anybody who loves to read. Especially the children's book festival, we really reach out to kids who maybe have never touched a book before. We hope it sparks an interest in young readers' minds and hearts to get out and read. Maybe some of them will get a book for the first time. Maybe they'll see a performance that sparks their interest in reading."