The Wig Cottage helps children battling cancer

Beth Fisher

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The Wig Cottage helps children battling cancer

CREATED Dec. 18, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- Inside the Wig Cottage, women with cancer are buying hair and bringing toys for children fighting the same disease. All of these gifts will go to St. Rose Sienna to fill up Ernie's Toy Chest.  

The owner of the Wig Cottage, Vicki Roney, says, "I visit the kids and see how wonderful it is to have this toy box for these kids. So I thought what a great thing to carry on his legacy and have a toy box in my shop to keep it going."

Ernie Devald spent years volunteering at St. Rose making sick children laugh. He danced, sang, joked, and played with kids like Jamie who was diagnosed at 15 even while he was dying. "He had cancer. And so it just moved me so much that he donated his time and life to these kids when he himself was suffering from cancer."
So now, Vicki has a toy box in her shop.  A nod to Ernie who has been gone for 2 years now but in many ways is still alive and well.