Second-generation roofing dog making Las Vegans happy

Beth Fisher

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Second-generation roofing dog making Las Vegans happy

CREATED Aug. 19, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- He was a staple for a decade here in Las Vegas -- Rufus the roofing dog. He'd follow the owner of Roof it Right right up the ladder to make repairs.  Rufus is in doggy heaven now, but  there's a new roofing dog in town. 

"Come on. Up top. Come on! He gets up there faster than my roofers" says Jim Guindon, owner of Roof it Right.
Bullet is a second generation roofing dog.  His father, Rufus, often made the news back in the day and now, it's Bullet's turn. "I got Bullet to work. Some days there is no place to put my tape measure. So I get him to sit and put it on his collar and then take it out. Tell him 'Good boy' and he runs off."
Guindon says people drive by, stop and stare when they see the dog on the roof.  Still others hire him just for the dog.  Like homeowner Alison Seidenberg.  "I watched the videos on YouTube and we are dog lovers and we couldn't believe it and we just thought that was fantastic."
Though her roof is being repaired she cares more about spoiling Bullet, who eats up the attention. He cries when dad heads to work without him so most of the time he's along for the ride and the roof.  "I'm going to keep the tradition going. i figure maybe one more roofing dog before I retire."
Jim actually froze the sperm of his first roofing dog, Rufus. That's how Bullet was born. And that's how he'll get his next roofing dog, too.