Recycled Percussion star helps others find their legacy

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Recycled Percussion star helps others find their legacy

CREATED Dec. 2, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- You have one shot at life. Are you making the most of it? The founder and creator of the headline show Recycled Percussion hopes so.

When Justin Spencer is  not on stage performing, you can find him at the Legacy X headquarters. This is Justin's creative brainchild. He founded Legacy X to help people fulfill their legacy. "Everything we do is about inspiring people whether it's helping kids with bullying, getting away from substance abuse, fitness based, dealing with depression and anxiety. We created a space where everyone can find themselves inside."

It is a funky, artistic space with lollipops hanging from the ceiling and inspirational quotes on every inch of wall. For 5 years now, Justin has worked online to inspire and encourage thousands of people. But he really wanted a brick and mortar headquarters. They hold events there like movie screenings. But anyone is welcome to swing by anytime and get inspired.
Justin's focus is on encouraging all of us to be anti-substance, pro fitness,and goal setters. On stage, you can see his popular show, Recycled Percussion at the Quad.