Superhero Dash to benefit City Impact Center takes place this weekend

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Superhero Dash to benefit City Impact Center takes place this weekend

CREATED Nov. 22, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- This weekend it's time to pull out your spandex pants, strap on your cape and mask, and be a hero to a kid in the inner city. The Superhero Dash is about to hit downtown.

Every day high school students come to Innovation Charter school. And every night, their parents come to learn English. Executive Director of the City Impact Center Vic Caruso says, "We had over 500 people show up the first night. CSN had never seen a turnout like that. We were able to fill up the roster the first night for the English class and the second night the turnout was so big we added a second class."
This life change is happening at the City Impact Center, which offers everything from free medical care to after school programs. This year, the Center added a high school. "Part of City Impact Center has been to reach out to the entire family. After we got the school, the opportunity presented itself to offer these night classes."
In addition to English as a second language classes, City Impact is offering GED courses. And that means something magical will happen this spring when students graduate from this high school. "Mom and Dad will walk with them and get their GED. So we are doing cartwheels over that. We are so grateful."
Classes are free for students but City Impact is about to do a big superhero 5K event to help fund the programs. Event organizer Donnie Grinnell says, "Run like superman. Run like flash and be a superhero in somebody's life here in the inner city."
The event is downtown Saturday morning. Proceeds will be split between City Impact Center and the Convoy of Hope, a disaster relief agency that is currently helping victims in the Philippines.