Local teens help homeless peers

Beth Fisher

Photo: Video by ktnv.com

Local teens help homeless peers

CREATED Sep. 13, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A couple of Las Vegas sisters aren't waiting until college or adulthood to solve the world's problems. Savannah and Siena Prenger are doing what they can right now.

Their garage is over ran with boxes of toiletries, food, and clothing -- all going to local homeless teenagers. The girls founded Teens Helping Teens.  And that's the cool part. Because teenagers think of things that might not have crossed our minds like prom night. In addition to dresses, Savannah wants to start a prom scholarship. "Money for tickets and dinner. Because it's expensive and a lot of them can't go.  I really want to be able to do that to give them the whole experience."
Savannah is 17 years old. Younger sister, Siena, who is 13 is in the trenches with her. When these girls get a phone call about a need, they go to work asking friends and companies for donations. They will stop at nothing to help their peers who are less fortunate. "A lot of the kids are embarrassed and that's what got me started. They don't ask around. They are not on corners trying to get help. They don't want people to know. They are trying to hide and pretend everything is ok."
The girls have dreams of taking this nonprofit national.  What they need now is some awesome web designer to work with them. The girls did their website themselves and say they need a pro to take them to the next level so they can interact with teens nationwide and help them get started in their cities.