Galleries make downtown Las Vegas the place to be

Beth Fisher

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Galleries make downtown Las Vegas the place to be

CREATED Oct. 31, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We keep reporting and hearing the downtown arts scene is booming. But when was the last time you went down and checked it out for yourself?  We did and it lives up to all the hype.  

Here are a few of our recommendations (though there are dozens of galleries to choose from.) Check out the Amanda Harris Gallery of contemporary Art located inside Soho lofts. Amanda Harris says, "People used to walk in and would say Las Vegas doesn't have culture. We laugh at that standing here with the bar next door. being in the arts district surrounded by art. I don't hear people saying that anymore, people are being convinced. You have to come down here and find it."

We asked Amanda for recommendations. She sent us the the Brett Wesley Gallery. Brett Wesley has invested a lot of personal money into an amazing gallery on Charleston.  
The exhibit changes every month but USUALLY features local artists. It's run by Victoria Hart who insists, "We have a plethora of amazing artists in Las Vegas. But it's not easy to find. You have to know where to go. Search it out. It's amazing how much talent there is here."
Talent like Kevin Chupik, who teaches at the College of Southern Nevada. We asked Victoria for a recommendation and she sent us across the street to Trifecta. But when we arrived, the entire gallery featured trash. Beer cans, work gloves, candy wrappers. Upon closer inspection, each piece is an incredible sculpture.  
You'll find a different artists featured every month in Trifecta plus a MUST see -- a tapestry that draws people from all over the world.
Gallery owner Marty Walsh says, "This was made by a 75-year-old woman. She finished it in 2007."
The entire thing was created with unraveled sweaters the artist found in local thrift shops.
Whatever type of art you're looking for, you'll find it downtown. Walsh says, "Art does make this a better place to live. Culture is happening off strip. And galleries are a part of that."
We hear a lot of about First Friday but the best night to visit the galleries is Preview Thursdays.   That's when the galleries unveil their new exhibits.  And the artists are often on hand for you to meet.