AAOK invites you to adopt a family for Christmas

Beth Fisher

Photo: Video by ktnv.com

AAOK invites you to adopt a family for Christmas

CREATED Nov. 12, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Fifty families here in Southern Nevada will have a very merry Christmas thanks to volunteers with AAOK. Two things you need to know about this group: AAOK stands for amazing acts of kindness.  Second, they make Las Vegas a better place to live.

Michael shows us the one bedroom he shares with his 3 siblings. "This is where I sleep. My brother sleeps here. My two sisters sleep."
Four kids packed in one small bedroom. Michael, Dominic, Destiny, and Cameron.  Each of them brought home from the hospital by their grandmother, who is raising them, and says Christmas is stressful. Alice told us, "100% stressful.  Because there is so much they want and you can't give it to them."
The kids are just like any others. Destiny's an A student who wants an iPad for school. Cameron the kindergartner wants a horse. But the truth is, these children typically get a good meal and, if there's money left, a few toys. Michael says, "We don't get a lot. But that's Ok. As long as we're happy."
This Christmas, they are going to be very happy. Because the team at AAOK found out about them. This is one of the families they'll be adopting.
Kelvin McLeain is one of the group's founders. He says, "AAOK is local. It's not something we can do. It's something the community can do. That's why it's so important to try to get the word out to the community."
Last year, this group of friends helped 8 families. This year, word has spread and our community will be helping AAOK sponsor 50.  Brian Golbourne says, "When you adopt a family we will provide you with a family fact sheet. It has all of their information. What they like. Where they live."
And one lucky person will get to adopt this amazing family. Grandma Alice is thankful, "I am blessed. Really blessed to have these children."
Click here if you'd like to adopt a family through AAOK. You can shop for your family and meet them, which is a moving experience, or if you're not comfortable with that, consider shopping for a family and AAOK will make the delivery for you.