Las Vegas teen gives her friend senior year to remember

Beth Fisher

Las Vegas teen gives her friend senior year to remember

CREATED Jul. 15, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A Las Vegas high school student wanted to make sure her childhood friend had the best possible senior year.

Monet Salazar invited Jonas Martin to Sadie Hawkins. The pictures show a beautiful couple enjoying a night of bowling. But they only tell part of the story.  

Jonas remembers, "I did it. I did it. It makes me feel good to do this stuff. Because I like to get strikes in a bowling alley."

Jonas has autism. His mom Kathy explains, "He's not the same as everybody else but none of our kids are. Everybody is different."
Jonas is well loved at Silverado High school. Still, he headed in to his senior year missing out on a lot of typical high school experiences. Monet explained, "I was like well why don't I take Jonas, it's his senior year and so I asked him. I just thought it would be a cool experience for him."
It was Monet Salazar's idea to take Jonas. No grown up suggested it. And she wasn't embarrassed or nervous about what other kids would think. Matter of fact, she made a giant sign and showed up during his choir practice and asked him in front of everyone. "Because Jonas is really special to me. We've grown up together."
Jonas is special to a lot of people, everyone at his high school knows him. But it was Monet who asked him to Sadie Hawkins. He returned the favor asking her to the prom. "You have lots of friends, Jonas? Yep. I didn't have one my freshman and sophomore year except Monet because she's pretty. She's pretty special huh? Yep."
Jonas' mom agrees. She and her husband try to push Jonas to be social. They believe it's important for kids like him, but they can't do what Monet did. Take him on a date.
Kathy tears up talking about her son, "He says hello to everybody. He's changed them. People are better knowing him."
Jonas' mom told Action News Silverado High School has been amazing. The athletic director, the choir teacher, everyone at the school has embraced Jonas and worked to give him a great high school experience.
Because of his disability, he'll be back for another year and the people at Silverado are blessed to have him, and Monet, around a bit longer.