Las Vegas EMT takes care of patient's dog

Beth Fisher

Las Vegas EMT takes care of patient's dog

CREATED Jul. 9, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Every day emergency responders save lives in Southern Nevada but often times it's the little things that go unreported that make these public servants heroes.

EMT Brian Foster is one of the good guys. He responded to the call for help after Terry Woodruff was attacked in the early morning hours walking his dog. "As we were walking away I heard a noise behind me and I turned and met a rock, it hit me in the eye."
Foster recalls, "He was not in good shape. He was feeling quite sick, couldn't open his eyes, sensitive to the light. We knew he had a significant injury and he needed to go."
When Terry was attacked he made his way to this 7-11 but he refused to go to the hospital because he wanted to make sure his dog, Muffin, was taken care of.  "I had a concussion which made me befuddled. But not so befuddled that I forgot my dog. And not so befuddled that I wasn't grateful to Brian for taking care of my dog."
Brian took Muffin home for Terry. But that's not all, he asked a nurse at Valley hospital to let him know if Terry was admitted. He was. So Brian drove back to the hospital to get Terry's keys and drove to his home and found a neighbor to care for Muffin until Terry got out of the hospital.
"He came back to the hospital. Gave me back my keys. And told me my dog was all right which was way important to me at that time. I grew up on cowboy movies. The bad guys wear a black hat. Good guys wear a white hat. Brian should be wearing a white hat."
Brian works for AMR and he's studying to become a paramedic.  When Terry recovered, he wanted to know who to thank for taking care of his dog.  It was the staff at Valley hospital that knew who Brian was and helped reconnect the two.