Seton Academy celebrates 50 years

Beth Fisher

Seton Academy celebrates 50 years

CREATED Jun. 25, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- For 50 years, a local woman has been educating our children. For 50 years, she's been pouring patriotism, love, and academics into preschool and kindergarten kids.

And on it's 50th anniversary, we wanted to meet the woman who founded Seton Academy in1963.
Her name is Mary Drago Hayes.  She still visits and the walls help tell the story of a  young woman who adopted 3 children of her own and then educated thousands more. "It was my dad's idea really to start the school.  My sister and I were both teachers and he said you girls should open up a school."
So they did. Mary's husband Anthony was the bus driver. And her daughter -- now the facilities director -- was in the first kindergarten class.
A lot has changed in these 50 years.  
For example, two new buildings replace this old original location on Hacienda. That's where Mayor Carolyn Goodman sent her kids.  
They brought over some favorites, like this sand circle Mr. Drago built for the first Seton kids 50 years ago. But the facilities now are state of the art.  
Still, many loyal staff members remain. Four teachers have been at Seton for over 30 years. One just retired after 40.
But the employee who my be the most overwhelmed by the success is Mary's own daughter. Today, Angela Drago Berliner works to carry on her mother's tradition.  
Three generations of her family have attended the academy and several now work here.  "It's a great feeling because I'm born and raised in Las Vegas. We don't get many my age still around. And to have a school here that's lasted this long is phenomenal.
Seton Academy offers preschool and all day kindergarten in the Northwest and Southeast parts of town.