Las Vegas man creates website for the disabled community

Beth Fisher

Las Vegas man creates website for the disabled community

CREATED Jun. 17, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A website created by a local man is changing the lives of disabled people around the globe.

Jay Cohen has muscular dystrophy and though doctors said he would not live past the age of 2 -- he turns 37 next month. When Jay first went online years ago, he realized there wasn't a specific site for the disabled community. So, using voice recognition software, he created and runs disabled online.
Since he launched the website in 2004, it's taken off. It's a one-stop shop to find resources about travel, employment, and a place to be social with other people with disabilities. 
When asked about it's popularity, Cohen says, "I think that when you find a place where you are welcomed right away and people can know what you are looking for and can identify with your background, it makes it easier to communicate with others."
Jay jokes that it's not as popular as Facebook yet, but the site does have members from all over the world including Sweden, Australia, and the UK.