City Impact making huge impact on Las Vegas

Beth Fisher


City Impact making huge impact on Las Vegas

CREATED Jun. 12, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- In downtown Las Vegas, there is a place offering free medical care for adults. Next door? A children's clinic that will help any kid for just a $10 donation.  A few doors from that -- a food bank for working families struggling to stay afloat.  

We've been watching one tiny section of town doing incredible work and asking -- how is this possible? Who is behind it all?  The answer is: City Impact.

In the shadow of the world famous strip, hope is growing. 
Sara Caruso says, "I complained about this for years and I said, this should be something. The garden came to mind. This urban garden."  
But the garden is just the latest addition to these 5 acres. The land is owned by Trinity Life Church.  As this zip code grew more impoverished, the church made the decision not to abandon 89104.
Victor Caruso is the Executive Director of City Impact.  "Now it's all crack, crack dealers and very low income. Almost all of the homes we service there is no male role model."
City Impact was founded with one purpose: Use these 5 acres of land and the buildings on it to help Las Vegas' poorest people. And in just four years, City Impact has had a massive impact.
What exactly has happened?  Let's start with the Hope Clinic where patients pay with kindness instead of money.  The Hope clinic doesn't pay rent or utilities or even malpractice insurance. It's all covered by City Impact.  
Next door, its a similar story at the Helping Kids Clinic, which treats children for a $10 donation, made possible by City Impact.
Further down, a food bank, low income senior housing, and a preschool and an after-school program. All thanks to City Impact. Victor Caruso jokes they have so much good stuff going on, it's hard to keep track.
And it's true. In the works right now, a charter high school for kids on the verge of dropping out. In the beginning, the church kept City Impact afloat. Today, our community does. Caruso says, "We get a lot of support from the Las Vegas strip. People have been so good to us."
Actually, it's City Impact that's been good to us.
Caruso makes every square foot and every penny count.  That's why Caesars, MGM, Home Depot, and other corporate sponsors continue to support his efforts.