Mesquite boy needs kidney transplant

Beth Fisher

Mesquite boy needs kidney transplant

CREATED May. 28, 2013

Mesquite, NV (KTNV) -- Once again, the town of Mesquite is rallying around a family there after a 14-year old-boy suffered from kidney failure.  Langston Navarro is on dialysis now 10 hours a day waiting for a transplant.

A routine blood test for his family's insurance company revealed the problem Langston had no idea he had.  Langston's dad Thomas Navarro, says, "We've drained our savings over the last year. You don't ever realize what long-term means."
The family has tried to do everything right and they do have insurance. But a medical emergency is expensive and after keeping quiet for about a year, they've decided to ask their Mesquite neighbors for help. And the people there have planned a number of fundraisers for the family.
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