Studio 8 Ten puts artists with disabilities to work

Beth Fisher

Studio 8 Ten puts artists with disabilities to work

CREATED May. 20, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Don't you love to buy handmade things? You can find plenty at a boutique in downtown Las Vegas where the artists work in the studio so you can meet them, see what they're creating, and get a better idea of just why you should buy.

Inside Studio 8 Ten, artists make handmade paper, cards, and stuffed animals. The store is full of treasures that are even more special because of the people who made them.

Artist Karen Stokes explains, "Studio 8 Ten is for people with disabilities. People who don't have jobs. People who want to work but they can't work out in the real world yet." 

Studio 8 Ten is run by Transition Services -- a non-profit here in the Valley that provides meaningful work for people with developmental disabilities. Executive Director Sally Rothfuss says her artists often come up with their own creations they'd like to sell. "Like anybody they need choices and variety and with people with disabilities that is one of the things that's been lacking is entrepreneurship -- taking ownership in what you're doing."
They definitely take ownership. Just ask Jasmin Hardy. "What we do is quality control and we check to make sure everything is OK for the store."
Studio 8 Ten is located at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Gass. Inside you can find a one-of-a-kind alien doll or if you want something more traditional, greeting cards or bath products. And it's guilt-free shopping since every item is made by people who need jobs, who love their jobs, and want to work.
Transition Services runs 7 different employment programs including a lawn service and they even publish Circles magazine. People with disabilities write, layout, and photograph the entire magazine. You can support them just by subscribing.