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Girls on the Run in Las Vegas

Beth Fisher

Girls on the Run in Las Vegas

CREATED May. 7, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Moms, if you're looking for something to do for Mother's Day, how about going for a run with your kids? Everyone is welcome at this weekend's 5K to benefit Girls on the Run. That's an organization you may not have heard of because it's fairly new to Vegas and it's making our city a better place to live.

"Our topic is bullying today.  So who remembers 3 types of bullying?"
All over Las Vegas, young girls -- third through the fifth grade -- are learning to care about each other, love who they are, and get in shape (without even realizing it.)
Stephanie Lasure brought Girls on the Run to Las Vegas. "The goal is to get the girls thinking about having self confidence so when stuff hits them they can say, 'I don't need to be involved with boys and smoking, and all the stuff that comes with an early age'.  They have confidence to make better choices."
Lasure brought girls on the run to Las Vegas when she heard about the international program and realized it wasn't in our city yet. The program combines exercise with education covering a variety of topics including body image.
Keimani is a participant. She says, "They help us become mature girls and they encourage us a lot."  Arionne agrees, "I've learned how to not bully people because it can hurt them and to like myself for who I am. That's important because you're pretty darn special the way you are."
At the end of the 12-week program, the girls complete a 5K and you are invited. Lasure says it's a powerful thing to see. "When these girls cross the finish line if you aren't in a ball of tears, you have no soul."
The girls say they're excited about accomplishing that goal but they love their twice-weekly training time too. Ava told us, "They help girls get in shape and help us run and they help us be active and be happy. And I'm not always alone with no one at the house."
I caught up to this group at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy.  But there are about 40 girls participating in groups around the valley and they'll be meeting each other for the first time at this Sunday's 5K. It's being held at the Kellog Zaher sports complex--to register.
Everyone is welcome and your registration fee helps pay for this program to continue and, of course, expand to reach more young girls.