Vegas Roots Community Garden hopes to get people excited about growing food

Beth Fisher

Vegas Roots Community Garden hopes to get people excited about growing food

CREATED May. 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Grab a handful of food and pay a dollar for it. Fresh from the earth and as good as it gets. Where is this store, you ask?  It's not a store -- it's the Vegas Roots Community Garden.  And you can stop by any time. 

In the center of our city, surrounded by buildings and congestion, is an oasis -- five acres donated for the purpose of a community garden.
Director Rosalind Brooks says, "Growing up in Las Vegas, though it has pros, one of the cons is that our kids are not connected to the earth any more. No sense of nature. Having a garden and being able to grow what you eat is just such an incredible experience for children."
On this day, students from Acelero Head Start are visiting. Brooks gives the tour and tells the kids that when she got the idea for this garden, she'd never grown a single thing. But she believed the garden could teach our kids to reach for fruits and veggies instead of french fries and candy.
The Vegas Roots Community Garden is funded in part by sponsored garden beds. The money helps pay for the community garden where anyone can pick and pay just a dollar a handful.
"The long range goal is to get everyone excited about growing their food and being healthy."
The garden is maintained by volunteers. And it is open to anyone any time so you can take the kids and pick some great food for your family.  
Also the second and third Saturday of the month, they have a marketplace where they sell food and handmade goodies from local participants.
Vegas Roots Community Garden is located at 715 N. Tonopah Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89106.