Las Vegas teens put emergency training to work

Beth Fisher

Las Vegas teens put emergency training to work

CREATED Apr. 30, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A couple of Las Vegas High school students are heroes this morning and that was their plan all along. They just didn't expect their training to come in so early in their careers.

They were doing yard work for their teacher -- trying to earn money for the prom -- when Daniel Martinez and Victor Madrigal looked up and saw a fire across the street.  
Daniel and Victor knew just what to do thanks to the PAL program at Las Vegas High School which sends them into the community once a week to do unpaid internships. 
Teacher Robert Bray says, "They chose to work at a place called MedicOne. It matches their career areas. Victor wants to be a firemen. Daniel wants to be a paramedic. "
And both young men are well on their way. Daniel teaches CPR to other students and Victor is part of the Clark County Fire Department's Explorer program.  
They are both trained to stay calm in emergencies and that's what they did.  They got neighbors out safely and put out the fire.
Mr. Bray told us, "This is about as relevant an education as you can get. A direct application of what they learned at the CCSD that makes the world a better place. It just happened this was in a more dramatic fashion in that they really prevented what could have been a tragedy."
We're told the homeowners didn't even realize there was a fire burning between their houses so this could've been a tragic story.  
On a much lighter note, these heroes are just high school students after all and this past weekend, they did make it to the prom.