Quest Diagnostics and St. Rose Dominican hospitals help uninsured patients

Beth Fisher

Quest Diagnostics and St. Rose Dominican hospitals help uninsured patients

CREATED Apr. 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- If you need medical care but don't have insurance, there is a place you can go. We first told you about Volunteers in Medicine several months ago.

This morning, our community is supporting their mission and making Las Vegas a better place to live.


Reneda Momchinov moved her parents here from Bulgaria so she could take care of them. But night after night of lying awake listening to her father fight for air was crushing. "My dad was so bad I feel like every night will be his last night because he was coughing so much."
Then she heard about this place, Volunteers in Medicine, which provides medical care to Clark County's uninsured.  Dr. Florence Jameson is the clinic's founder. "Quality of care means not just a doctor visit, but the full package, services, blood test, x-rays."
Both of Reneda's parents have needed a lot of tests and those are made possible by partnerships with Quest Diagnostics and St. Rose Dominican hospitals.
Dr. Elizabeth Iole is with Quest Diagnostics. She says, "Many of  these conditions are treatable if diagnosed early, so we're proud to help them with this endeavor."
Holly Lyman with St, Rose Dominican hospitals agrees. "The mission to reach out to the under-served is vital in our community. We have a high uninsured rate. Providing that medical home is crucial for prevention."
Reneda is sure without this place, her father would be gone. "I am happy so happy because before you want to help your family but you can't because it is very hard when you have no insurance."
Both Quest and St. Rose are each donating $50,000 in money, testing, and lab work for Volunteers in Medicine. And another great side note to this story -- since our first story on Volunteers in Medicine aired, nearly 200 of our viewers have stepped up to volunteer with Volunteers in Medicine.