Community Ambulance comes to the rescue

Beth Fisher

Community Ambulance comes to the rescue

CREATED Mar. 5, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Most kids who really love to read learned that habit at home. But that means their homes have to have books in them.  

Community Ambulance is making sure that happens. The locally owned and operated company heard about two Clark County schools that were about to lose a vital reading program. So they donated $5,000 to both schools to ensure that every single child gets to take home a book and keep it at least three times a year.

Community Ambulance COO Brian Rogers says, "When we heard this program was about to end, we didn't want that to happen. We are a community businesses and we wanted to step in and help these kids. They are our future."
We're told the majority of kids at Taylor Elementary school don't own their own books. This donation affects the lives of 570 students at Taylor alone.