Volunteers helping repair Trout Canyon water pipeline

Rikki Cheese

Photo: Video by ktnv.com

Volunteers helping repair Trout Canyon water pipeline

CREATED Aug. 21, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Trout Canyon's private water pipeline isn't the Las Vegas Valley Water District's problem, but this week, their crews are among a lot of volunteers getting it fixed.

Trout Canyon resident Luetta Callaway said her small mountain community is very grateful. She told Action News, "This week has finally been a breakthrough, which we are incredibly thankful for."
Callaway and her neighbors have been hauling in water ever since the Carpenter 1 wildfire burned their private pipeline nearly two months ago.
Now, thanks to a network of agencies statewide called NV WARN, the Nevada Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network, instead of months, perhaps years, water district spokesman Bronson Mack said Trout Canyon could have running water again in a couple of weeks.
Mack said, "We had the City of Henderson donating some materials. We also had the folks in Beatty donating some materials."
Mack added that even private companies like Tiberti Construction are pitching in, donating heavy equipment.
One unique feature of the 50-year-old pipeline can never be replaced, "The three mile long pipeline is actually created from recycled howitzer shells, dating back, I believe to World War II."
Callaway said that's not a material concern for folks in Trout Canyon, "I must say that the community in large, Nevada has just jumped through hoops and been so cooperative."
The fix is only a temporary reprieve.
Trout Canyon residents eventually have to replace the above ground pipe with an underground pipeline that meets current standards, and could cost millions of dollars.
But, at least they now have time to apply for grants and find other ways to come up with the funding to make that happen.