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Stink bugs wreak havoc in Nevada

Photo: Image by SH4RP_I/FLICKR

Stink bugs wreak havoc in Nevada

CREATED Jul. 25, 2013

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) -- Stink bugs are causing a stink in some areas of rural northern Nevada.

The Nevada Department of Agriculture says the little green insect has been invading yards and some fields.

As it name suggests, the bug releases a smelly odor when disturbed.

The bug is not new to Nevada, but it seems to be more prevalent this year. That could be because it develops on a weed called tumble mustard that grows in disturbed and burned areas.  But those weeds are drying up and the immature insects are migrating to greener areas like fields and backyards.

Experts say the insect doesn't feed on horticulture plants in yards and gardens, but may nibble on fruit trees.

They suggest using insecticidal soaps to control them.