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New Beauty Secret? Snail facials for women

New Beauty Secret? Snail facials for women

CREATED Jul. 16, 2013

Japan (KTNV) -- Women sometimes go through a lot of trouble to make sure they stay looking young.

Concealers, hair dye, moisturizers, you name it. But there's at least one thing out there most women haven't even thought of trying.

In Japan, women are paying more than $100 for a snail facial. The treatment is being offered at a spa in Tokyo.

The snails spread their secret beauty-boosting mucus, as they move across the face.

"Snail slime" is apparently packed with proteins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture and reduce redness.

However, a dermatologist in Miami Beach said there is no science to back the claim and notes the spa also offers a massage, a mask and treatment from electrical pulse machines that make it difficult to tell what is actually benefiting clients.


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