Sister tells Action News that missing baby on the way to Utah

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Sister tells Action News that missing baby on the way to Utah

CREATED Aug. 11, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Action News has new information about the one-year-old child that was temporarily missing after the boy's mother plowed into a group of churchgoers.

According to Nyakueth Tear's older sister Margoi, the child is on the way back to Utah with his grandparents.

Margoi says her younger sister always knew where the child was even though there have been several different stories.

The child's grandparents picked up the child in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Margoi told Action News that her sister called her from jail yesterday crying. Margoi says that her sister told her that she left the scene because she was scared.

Tear is accused of hitting several people after a church service late Thursday night.

All but one of the victims were treated by a local hospital and released.

Vincente Alavez is still in the hospital. He required surgery after he was struck but his family says that he is making progress.

Tear has been booked on eight counts of felony hit and run, eight counts of failing to render aid and numerous misdemeanors.

Services resumed at Iglesia De Cristo Church on Sunday night. Rocio Chavez and her family were there. Chavez is the pregnant woman who was injured in the incident.

The Alavez family was also at the service. 22-year-old Johnny Alavez was wearing a leg brace and said that his 14-year-old brother Luis is still traumatized by what happened.

Sam Sosa told Action News that he also still has pain in this leg from being hit by the car.

Police say that a missing person's report was never filed for the child but they were taking the matter seriously after being told a child was missing.