Residents frustrated by storms and damage to roads


Photo: Video by ktnv.com

Residents frustrated by storms and damage to roads


Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Grand Teton Drive in northwest Las Vegas was still a mess in certain areas on Monday morning after the weekend storms.

At Grand Teton and Buffalo, muddy water is flowing through the streets.  It's not a torrent like in past days, but it's enough to keep people from walking through the area.  That section of Grand Teton and other roads are still closed.  

Fortunately, kids at Arbor View High School don't have to navigate their way around the flood waters to get to school since it is a holiday.  But people who live in the area say they are tired of dealing with this.  This is the second time in just a few weeks that residents have been stranded because of the flood waters flowing through Grand Teton.

The water is runoff from Mount Charleston after the storms.  Grand Teton Drive is a natural wash.  The city is working on a plan to put a drainage system in place, but that is not expected until mid-2015.

People who live up on Mount Charleston are frustrated as well.  Between the Carpenter 1 Fire and all the recent flooding, Mother Nature has been taking a toll.

"We're lucky the fire didn't take the subdivision," said Billy Wade, a Mount Charleston resident.  "Obviously we didn't anticipate this.  Nobody did.  But what are you going to do?"

Back on Grand Teton, near Grand Canyon, people say they're sick of not being able to get  around town because of this flooding by their homes.

"You always see on the news saying don't drive in these dangerous waters, but when you have to go to work, what are you going to do?" says one resident, who has an internship to get to on Tuesday.  She is hoping that the roads dry up by then.  Still, she knows there will be plenty of debris and rocks to clean up.