No decision yet on Syria

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No decision yet on Syria

CREATED Aug. 30, 2013

The Obama Administration still has not made a decision on a military reaction to the chemical attacks in Syria. President Obama is saying the world has an obligation to respond.

He met with Baltic leaders at the White House, today. He filled in the nation on what he's thinking.

"In no event are we considering any kind of military action that would involve boots on the ground, that would involve a long term campaign."

The President also met behind closed doors with his National Security team trying to decide the best plan for the crisis.

It comes as we're getting a look at a four-page intelligence bulletin.

It says the Syrian government carefully planned and carried out a brutal chemical weapons attack, killing more than 1,400 people.

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry said, "Read for yourselves the verdict reached by our intelligence community, about the chemical weapons attack the Assad regime inflicted on the opposition and on opposition controlled or contested neighborhoods in the Damascus suburbs."

If President Obama does decide to attack, the first strike could come as early as Saturday.