New Korean music video goes viral, new dance craze born

Joyce Lupiani

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New Korean music video goes viral, new dance craze born

CREATED Aug. 29, 2013

(KTNV) -- A new Korean music video is going viral on the Internet and music industry watchers are wondering if it will be the next "Gangnam Style."

That video, from a relatively unknown Korean pop singer, blew up a year ago.

Now, everyone's trying to copy its success.

The latest attempt is by the rookie Korean girl group named Crayon Pop. Their new music video "Bar Bar Bar" is running red hot on the Internet.

The catchy choreography that's appealing to the masses is this move  dubbed by fans as the "straight-five engine dance"

It's a zig-zag jump. Dancers even wear big motorcycle helmets for no good reason.

The song lyrics don't make much grammatical sense, but they're simple and repetitive. 

And the melody is addictive. And they've got plenty of people hooked.

"Bar Bar Bar" is now a popular cheering song at Korean sports events

Parody uploads on YouTube include firefighters, America soldiers, and wedding parties.

How far this viral craze will go is anyone's guess but for now, the straight-five engine dance is accelerating past Psy's horse-riding dance.