More cops tax rejected by Clark County Commission

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More cops tax rejected by Clark County Commission

CREATED Oct. 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Clark County Commission has rejected both measures for the more cops tax proposed by Sheriff Doug Gillespie.

The motions would have increased the county sales tax to pay for more police officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Commission members voted on two different amounts, but both failed.

Five of the seven commissioners voted for some type of sales tax increase, but because they were split on just how much the police department should get, Sheriff Gillespie ended up walking away without any money to hire more officers.

But he made a pledge to those currently on the force, there will not be any layoffs, "My men and women are going up to cars in the middle of the night by themselves. I don't need them distracted in regards to their employment. I want them focused on what's going on in that car. So for the Metro employees that are out there, I am committed to everyone currently working here."

Sheriff Gillespie had been pushing for a sales tax increase of .15-percent, something many commissioners felt was too steep for taxpayers.

Commissioner Susan Brager then pitched what she believed was a compromise, an increase of .075-percent which required residents to pay a little more, and Metro to trim its budget.

That measure, which failed by one vote, didn't get the backing of Commissioner Tom Collins, who said it was in the interest of public safety to only support the larger increase.

Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani were the only commissioners to vote no on both tax hikes.

Interestingly, after the measure failed, Sisolak and Giunchigliani both voted to revisit the more cop tax in six months, but even that measure failed.