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Man recounts shooting that led to use of force board members resigning

Man recounts shooting that led to use of force board members resigning

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Aug 1, 2013
Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Sitting on his living room couch, 22-year-old Lawrence Gordon showed Action News a gunshot wound on his leg.  
"This is where it came in and this is where it came out," Gordon said. "This is the scar." 
The wound is from last November when Gordon said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Police Officer Jaquar Roston shot him as he sat inside his car. 
"I have like four screws in my leg and four more screws in my knee with a metal rod," Gordon said. 
The shooting has prompted five members of LVMPD's Use of Force Review Board to resign. Those members believe the Sheriff should have fired the officer and they're discouraged by the review process. 
"It feels good," Gordon said. "It feels like it's not me by myself."
For months, Gordon's felt like the department wronged him. The Sheriff overruled the board's decision to get rid of Officer Roston when the board said Roston apologized for the shooting and mistook Gordon's hat for a weapon. 
"Officer Roston was wrong in his perception in what the passenger had in his hand for he only had his hat," Sheriff Doug Gillespie said on July 22, 2013 when he addressed the media.  
The Sheriff also said Gordon stashed marijuana under the seat of his car, which made it look like he was reaching for a possible weapon. 
"Right is right and wrong is wrong and he knows he did wrong," Gordon said. "He's one of your fellow officers, but because they make mistakes too they have to learn."
Gillespie decided to suspend Officer Roston for 40 hours without pay and have the officer undergo specialized training.
Victoria Spilabotte

Victoria Spilabotte

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Victoria Spilabotte is the weekend anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas, as well as a general assignment reporter.