Government shutdown threatens jobs, community events

Victoria Spilabotte

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Government shutdown threatens jobs, community events

CREATED Oct. 2, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- "We're calling on all of the politicians and all elected people in Nevada to do something about this and end it," Danny Thompson, Nevada State AFL-CIO, said.

On Wednesday, Thompson and local union members made a plea to lawmakers to end the government shutdown and put people back to work. 

"It's troubling, the fact that we can be without a paycheck for 30 days," Vernon Steed, a furloughed employee at Nellis Airforce Base said. "You've got a mortgage you've got to pay and bills to pay. It just begins to work on your mind."

Steed is just one of thousands of employees deemed 'non-essential' in their government jobs. If the shutdown continues Edward Gering, who represents electrical workers, said projects like the new FAA tower at McCarran Airport will stop. According to Gering, workers were already ordered to pack their stuff. 

"We all share the same level of frustration because we don't feel that these elected officials are doing their job," Gering said. 
It's not only government workers feeling the effects of a shutdown, it spreads across the entire valley. Many events at national recreation areas have been canceled or rescheduled because the gates are closed. 
Helene Neville is organizing a half marathon for nurses who were supposed to run the Red Rock loop. Neville is now making other plans for a different route for the 500 nurses traveling to Las Vegas for the National Nurses 5K. 
"We're not canceling the event," Neville said. "We will find a venue, but we might be running around in circles. We're not the only ones."
The City of Henderson is also canceling a 60-mile bike ride through Lake Mead. On its website the city notes the closure of the recreation area as reason for the cancellation, but all other events with "Crazy Spokes" are still going on.