Government shutdown impacting some locals and attractions

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Government shutdown impacting some locals and attractions

CREATED Oct. 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It is largely business usual at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas despite the government shutdown.

That is because federal courts are operating on 10 days of reserve funding until Oct. 15. At that point, officials heading the local district court will have to decided which employees are essential and nonessential.

But, that's not the case in other areas of the valley.

170 full-time employees at Lake Mead are now on indefinite furlough and approximately 15,000 visitors will be turned away from Lake Mead each day during the shutdown.

That also means about $500,000 lost in revenue.

Rangers are now working to notify all campers in the area that they have two days to clear out.

And the gates are closed to Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area.

The Grand Canyon National Park is also closed but local tour companies have been able to continue their bus and helicopter tours. That is because tours to the western side of the Grand Canyon run through land owned by the Hualapi Indian Tribe.

Hoover Dam also remains open.

Death Valley National Park is closed. Private property within the park including Furnace Creek Ranch and Panamint Springs remain open.

Overall, operations will be curtailed at Air Combat Command bases as a result of the government shutdown, which includes Nellis Air Force Base. However, functions essential to national security and public safety will continue.

Military personnel are not subject to furloughs; however, 1,100 civilian employees from Nellis Command have been furloughed.