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Family, neighbors mourn murder victim at Las Vegas rally

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Family, neighbors mourn murder victim at Las Vegas rally

CREATED Sep. 13, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A memorial stands near the spot where a beloved father and grandfather were gunned down Tuesday night near East Sahara and Lynnwood.

According to his girlfriend, Andrea Stall, 46-year-old Jeffrey Hand was doing his job, providing night-time security for their apartment complex.

Stall said, "He heard a situation. He went out there to try to defuse it. When it got out of hand he was shot. I got him back inside and got the paramedics there, and that's when he died."
His daughter Mercediz Hand said, "It's still a shock because my Dad was like, my best friend.  He was my go-to guy. I went to him for everything and anything, so, it's really hard."
Even harder to comprehend Mercediz said, because Hand was a peacemaker in an east Las Vegas neighborhood plagued by crime.
It is an neighborhood Metro and community leaders want to help the residents take back.
Pastor Willie R. Cherry said, "People think that this is the norm. It is not the norm."
Pastor Willie Cherry said Friday's "Stop the Violence" rally is one step. He said it is important to show the neighbors on the east side, that people all over the Valley are willing to help.
But even people who live in the area admit, the only way they're going to ever stop seeing memorials for crime victims, is if they police themselves.
Pastor Cherry said, "This thing about, no snitching, and what have you? You're causing your own neighborhood to go down. You know somebody that's a bad apple? Get rid of that bad apple."
Mercediz Hand said she's not angry. She celebrates her father's life, and sees a lesson in his loss, "I got to tell my kids he's watching us from heaven, so make sure now, from now on grandpa knows everything, and live your life they way you know he'd want you to live it."
A memorial for Jeffrey Hand will be held Monday at 6 p.m. at Trinity Life Center.