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Crime on camera prompts surge in home security inquiries

Denise Wong

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Crime on camera prompts surge in home security inquiries

CREATED Sep. 3, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Police said home surveillance video that went viral on the Internet shows a 23-year-old man stealing from a stranger's home.  

That burglary suspect, Austin Jones, is set to face a judge on Thursday. But as he sits behind bars, the video that thousands have viewed online has prompted many people in Las Vegas to consider getting a home security system. 

Several security companies in Las Vegas reported seeing a surge in inquiries from homeowners after the story of the suspect's arrest made news over the weekend. That includes American Video and Security, Ltd., where the general manager saw the video. 

"It was painful," said Nicola Oakie of what it was like watching the video.  

She said she wished the homeowner, Ed Vidal, had more than just a video camera in his home to catch the suspected burglar. She said if he had an alarm system that notified authorities during the burglary, law enforcement could have responded quicker.  

Still, she understands that not everyone can afford the most extensive home surveillance system. She points out that having something like a video camera is better than nothing. 

She and other security companies said whenever a story like this makes news, they see an uptick in business. They weren't surprised by the public's response.  

As of Tuesday, more than 30,000 people had viewed the video Vidal had posted of the crime on his Facebook page. Metro said people who saw the video called police and they were able to contact Jones over the weekend and he turned himself in. 

This crime that was caught on video may be more than just a lesson for homeowners. Would-be criminals might have second thoughts now that more people want to secure their homes.  

Security experts point out, families don't have to spend a whole lot to outfit their homes.