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Bryce Harper's homerun celebration angers Braves, Twitter war follows

Megan Telles

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Bryce Harper's homerun celebration angers Braves, Twitter war follows

CREATED Aug. 7, 2013

(KTNV) -- Bryce Harper is back in the headlines after a major flip out during Tuesday night's game.

Harper was hit by a pitch during the game against Atlanta Braves and he got a little heated.

It happened at the bottom of the third inning.

It all started when former Las Vegas resident and CSN star Harper hit a home run to center field off of Julio Teheran.

What the camera didn't show is that Harper took a long time to round the bases. In baseball, that is considered a sign of ego and disrespect.

The Nationals claim that the pitcher was not pleased.

So, the next time Harper came up to bat, he was hit by a pitch.

Harper let loose with several foul words. The benches were cleared but no punches were thrown.

The fight continued after the game on Twitter.

The Atlanta Braves tweeted "Clown move bro" in reference to Harper's infamous line to a reporter: "That's a clown question, bro."

Harper's National's responded by asking what was the clown move -- "Giving up the home run, or drilling the 20-year-old on the first pitch his next time up?"

After tempers cooled, Harper said he sort of expected to get hit after his home run.

The pitcher later said it was not intentional.

The war of words on Twitter overshadowed the game itself.

The Atlanta Braves won the game 2-1.