Boulder City businesses continue to struggle during shutdown

Jacqui Heinrich

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Boulder City businesses continue to struggle during shutdown

CREATED Oct. 16, 2013

Boulder City, NV (KTNV) -- People impacted by the government shutdown have been glued to their television all day, eagerly waiting for news to come down that U.S. leaders have come to a bi-partisan agreement.

In Boulder City, there's some traffic in the city's business district but it's not the traffic that brings in the dollars for local business owners.

They said it's the park rangers and bureau workers from Lake Mead who they depend on for revenue, but those employees are on furlough. They're not stopping in to local shops for lunch or errands.

Sara Ford runs the Southwest Diner and said the restaurant is feeling the blows from the government shutdown every day around lunch time.

"There's a group of about six of them that would come in every day. So, that's a $60 check every day that we're not getting at a minimum, and that's just a ballpark estimate," said Ford.

It's not just the restaurants that are suffering.

Action News spoke with a local mechanic who also depends on park rangers for his business.