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Block party held to remember victim of unsolved murder

Stacey Gualandi

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Block party held to remember victim of unsolved murder

CREATED Sep. 29, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Nicole Sena is remembering her brother, Darren Rael, as the anniversary of his murder nears.

"My brother's murder was a tragic event for us. It was a turning point in our life. It will never be the same but out of that tragedy, something good came out of it," said Sena. 

Since Darren Rael's death on Oct. 22, 2010, on Iverson Lane, this northwest Valley neighborhood holds an annual block party to have a good time, to promote safety, and to, most importantly, keep his memory alive.

His 16-year-old son Devon said he has missed out on a lot without his father, "I've basically been on my own. If it wasn't for this event, I don't think there would be any other way to remember him."

Every year his family comes together, while a killer remains free.

Teresa Cragon started this community block party three years ago. Rael was shot near her driveway while fixing a car.  Witness information was minimal. Now the trail has gone cold. 

Even with this community coming together, there is still an underlying frustration that not enough has been done to find Darren's killer.

Sena said she has talked with North Las Vegas police and they assured her they are trying their hardest in every aspect.  But she adds, "I just wish there was more communication from their department to the families of the murder victim, so that is something we want to see."

For now, they will keep meeting every year and keep praying that there will be justice for Darren Rael.

Says Sena, "Maybe the person may never get caught, but I've always said and stand firm, if he doesn't pay here, he's going to pay one day."

The family asks that if anyone has any information regarding what happened that night in 2010, please call the police right away.